Urgent News – KM is Apparently Data Storage/Mining!

What's Wrong With This Picture? See it? Look closely!

I’ve been kicking around a thought related to the term “knowledge management systems” and then a couple of days ago stumbled onto an article that discussed “some ways to ensure success in knowledge management projects.” That article was actually about another article in which that author discussed the “challenges of knowledge management.” Both of those articles are perfect fodder for discussing what’s been running through my mind about the term “knowledge management systems” and what happens when someone reduces KM to what is essentially data storage and data mining. So let’s give it a toss and see where we land.

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Knowledge Management & Organizational Change

Organizational Change...and Resistance...Happens.

Whoa. That was my first thought when I read a blog post this morning. It started with receiving a comment from someone about one of my own posts, which lead me to that person’s blog, which in turn lead me to another blog. And that’s where I got the whoa. I’m not even going to point out which blog it was, just don’t think that it is really that worth it. But it does give me enough of a whoa feeling that I’m moved to post a bit about how organizational change impacts knowledge management (or is it how knowledge management impacts organizational change?). But the whoa statement was: “Resistance to change is a myth. There is no such thing.” And that was followed by “Organizations are not machines. Organizations are systems. And there is no resistance in a system.”

Again. Whoa. The bad news is that the author of that blog post is a management consultant. The good news is that at least the author isn’t involved in knowledge management. But clearly the author has a very limited understanding of systems theory, systems thinking, and organizational change.

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