KM Failures or Failure to Do KM? (Or failure is easy when you have no KM vision!)

Train wreck at Montparnasse, France (1895).

I read an article the other day which made the claim that “About half of company knowledge-management initiatives stagnate or fail.” I asked the author of that article for the source of that statistic and I learned that it came from, well let’s just call them “X.”

Wow. A 50% failure rate? Would you willing take on something – voluntarily, with other choices readily available — if you knew that the failure rate was 50%? That sure doesn’t make much sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Seems like a bunch of potential candidates for the “List of business failures.”

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Are You NIH? Or Perhaps IHBLRIA? Well,You Should be PFE or Maybe PFEAAWP!

Going in Circles, or Taking the "Road Ahead?"

I stumbled upon a blog post by Richard Stuebi the other day (“On Innovation”)  in which he discussed a meeting that he’d recently attended on the topic of innovation.  During that meeting Dr. Chris Thoen from P&G spoke of an interesting twist that P&G has applied to the NIH problem.

The “what” problem, you ask?

That would be the “Not Invented Here” (NIH) syndrome.

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KM a Fad? KM a Failure? News at 11PM!

So much for "fad" labels!

KM a Fad?  KM a Failure?  Well no, not even. But it’s going to take a little bit of “thread pulling” to fully explore this one. And it makes for an interesting topic of discussion today that goes rather neatly with another post of mine — Not Dead Yet (think Monty Python).

So buckle up, it’s going to get a bit bumpy.

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