Are You NIH? Or Perhaps IHBLRIA? Well,You Should be PFE or Maybe PFEAAWP!

Going in Circles, or Taking the "Road Ahead?"

I stumbled upon a blog post by Richard Stuebi the other day (“On Innovation”)  in which he discussed a meeting that he’d recently attended on the topic of innovation.  During that meeting Dr. Chris Thoen from P&G spoke of an interesting twist that P&G has applied to the NIH problem.

The “what” problem, you ask?

That would be the “Not Invented Here” (NIH) syndrome.

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KM a Fad? KM a Failure? News at 11PM!

So much for "fad" labels!

KM a Fad?  KM a Failure?  Well no, not even. But it’s going to take a little bit of “thread pulling” to fully explore this one. And it makes for an interesting topic of discussion today that goes rather neatly with another post of mine — Not Dead Yet (think Monty Python).

So buckle up, it’s going to get a bit bumpy.

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Not Dead Yet (think Monty Python)

[This is a reprint of a blog posting originally published at ITtoolbox on 9/25/2006. I wanted to have this one front and ready as I intend to follow-up another post along the same topic. Enjoy!]

Okay, this one isn’t so much a Daily Dose as it’s probably a chuckle. Well, maybe not exactly a chuckle…perhaps more like a snickering under my breath….

Was doing some searching this morning and turns out that a couple of my keywords steered me in a particular direction…and that took me to a blog post…which took me to some archived articles…and although I’ve been down this particular road before, I didn’t realize that there was now a new sign on the route. There is this “guy” out in the KM world…keeping this non-attribution…who has been forecasting the “death” of KM for about five + years. Not just leaving little posted notes on his ‘fridge (reading “Note to self, KM is dead. Buy flowers.”). Nope, more like the crazy that stands on a busy street corner with a sign that screams, “The end of the world is near.” (Preceded no doubt, by the death of KM according to him). All the while he encourages all he meets to “drink his Kool-aid.”

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Canaries of the Knowledge Age

Knowledge Canary in the Innovation Coal Mine

Dave Pollard’s blog “how to save the world” has a great article on how Knowledge drives Innovation. And in that Dave states that he believes that Knowledge and Innovation “are inseparable.”

And I have to say that this has long been my belief. And I completely agree with Dave’s suggestion that “Knowledge and imagination are the primary drivers of innovation in organizations.” I think that goes a long way to explain why there is currently such an emphasis being placed on increasing or driving innovations — from design firms to service firms to manufacturers…where there is a lack of knowledge, imagination and creativity there will probably be a lack of real innovation. So I think that it is a bit ironic that this increased emphasis is ongoing because at least in part, many of these same organizations have failed to capitalize on the value of organizational knowledge and all that goes with that — leaving them in the position of having to “frantically run about” looking for innovation in every dark corner.

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Snooping Bosses? Get Real.

And the corporate award for “Still Doesn’t Get It” (SDGI) goes to….maybe your organization? (self-nominations accepted and encouraged, applications in multiple categories are allowed)

An interesting article titled, “Snooping Bosses” in Time magazine discussed how it is every increasingly likely that your boss, anyone’s boss, was checking your email, and monitoring your web searching and voice mail. For example, according to a study conducted by American Management Association and ePolicy Institute found that:

76% of employers watch you surf the web and 36% track content” and “38% hire staff to sift through your email.

Wait, before you comment, there’s more! They also suggested that those bosses then “act on that knowledge.”

Now I don’t know about you, but frankly I am amazed. No wait, I’m stunned. Amazed doesn’t do it justice, but stunned fits rather nicely. Read More of Snooping Bosses? Get Real.

Blow Milk Out Your Nose Funny – KM Implementation!

Blow Milk Out Your Nose Funny KM Implementation

I seem to find some of my best “fodder” for posts either in email or phone discussions, and this post definitely falls into that category.

Got a phone call from someone who wanted to chat about life, the universe and everything…well, not really…but it just seemed that the conversation really rambled around a bit. It was someone calling to ask about membership in the KM society that I’m a volunteer in…and the phone rings in my office.

So I take the call, answer a few quick questions about membership and then we were moving into general chit-chat. Seems the individual on the other end of the phone was a Knowledge Manager working for a private sector firm and was fairly new to this whole KM schtuff. As the conversation turned toward what this KM’er was engaged in, what KM schtuff was ongoing in their organization, what directions they would take (always interesting to hear what folks are up to)….I heard it.

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Knowledge Management is Easy…If….

KM is Easy...If....

Today’s post was inspired by Jack Vinson who in his blog over the weekend passed along an observation made by another KM’er:

“A KM leader admits that the hardest part of knowledge management is making the change happen amongst people. But, since that is so difficult, they didn’t do that. Instead, they spent millions on a fancy IT system.”

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Knowledge Activist Runs Amuck!

Welcome to Dr. Dan’s Daily Dose!

It’s a pleasure to have my own blogsite, after blogging for several years at ITtoolbox.  While I enjoyed my time there, and my blog was one of the most popular, there were just some things that I can better do here than elsewhere.

As the blog’s tagline suggests, I hope to offer up a critical review, evaluation, and discussion of all things Knowledge Management (KM). And as for what “fits” into that topic that KM is, I hope to talk about everything from KM Technology, to Social Network Analysis (SNA), to Communities of Practice (CoPs), to KM metrics, strategy and implementation.

I am a bit of a Knowledge Activist — a term first coined by Victor Newman in “The Knowledge Activists Handbook” where he describes that “The role of the knowledge activist is to be unreasonable, to identify and combine those small grains of truth that have the potential to become pearls.” So this won’t be your typical blog (is there such a thing?), or perhaps even your typical KM blog (whatever that might be). Instead, I’d like to suggest that in declaring that this blog will offer that “critical” review that this will be an opportunity to discuss the in’s and out’s (or is it up’s and down’s?) of knowledge management. What works and what doesn’t. And yes, in some cases we’ll even give some issues a “good poke in the eye with a sharp stick.”

And I’d certainly like to take this opportunity to actively solicit your comments and suggestions — as they are integral to the direction that we take and to the issues that we can tackle here.

Perhaps you’re curious about the title of the blog (or maybe its already become self-evident?) — as a management consultant I certainly feel as if my role with my clients is to approach their issues, concerns and problems from a diagnostic perspective. And I’d go so far as to suggest that those clients who know me well would know me to be a pretty straight forward guy, calling them as I see them. Hence the daily dose — along the way I’ve learned a lot about which strings to pull…which ones tend to unravel the most. And in learning those lessons, I think that I have also then learned to administer practical advice that cuts to the issue. And that’s what I hope to share here, and that I hope you in turn will also share here. That sharing being kind of a KM “thingie” and all that.

And the sharp poke with the stick? Kind of reminds me of my favorite “Calvin and Hobbes” where Calvin (young boy) is trying to sell a “Swift kick in the butt” for $1.00 at his roadside stand, and Hobbes (his stuffed tiger who is very real to Calvin) asks how it’s going, and Calvin replies that it’s not going well and that he can’t understand it because, “Everybody needs what I’m selling.”

So feel free to join in, and bring your own KM “butt kicks” if you have them.