You know it’s bad when Jim Cantore is in your town….

Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel

So says a wall post on Jim Cantore’s Facebook page.  Makes sense to me as I can recall him showing up here in Virginia Beach a few times when we’ve had hurricane warnings and such.  Nothing like having your town show up on a Weather Channel featured story to let you know that you’re really having fun.

And so what does Jim Cantore have to do with KM you ask?  Good question!  Actually it’s all about what Jim Cantore has learned about people and severe weather and how that applies to knowledge management.

I was watching some of the recent storm coverage when I was reminded of seeing Jim Cantore several months ago setting up for storm coverage in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Big storm (hurricane Earl), nasty stuff. And so there he was, on camera, ready to tell it like it was. Be prepared. Could be there any time. And then some locals walked up to him and asked why he was there. They all knew who he was. He is, after all Jim Cantore. I bet that most of us here in the States have seen his face frequently enough that we all know who he is. And so did the folks walking up to him.

The funny thing was that despite there having been television coverage of the impending storm, and everyone walking around with one smart phone or another, they were unaware of the storm. There were mandatory evacuations being ordered, but they were unaware of the storm. Or at least they didn’t really take it all seriously. Until they saw Jim Cantore. And everyone knows that he’s covered a lot of hurricanes over the years. He knows a lot about them and is always able to explain what it all means in a way that is easy to understand. Like when he scolded the locals for not evacuating.

And so here we are at the doorstep of KM. When it comes to finding out what is what, nothing beats asking someone who’s stood around in hurricane force winds – the definitive subject matter expert. And as connected as folks seem to be to technology these days, none of that means as much as realizing the significance of finding out that Jim Cantore is in your town.

Dr. Dan's Daily Dose:
When implementing KM it’s important to know where the critical knowledge needed is “kept.” And it’s important to know who needs that knowledge as well as when they need it. Never underestimate the value of being able to turn to a subject matter expert to find out what’s really what.
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