National Donut Day 2011

National Donut Day - Yum!

Okay, this probably doesn’t really have much at all to do with knowledge management. But if we really stretch things a bit we could say that it has to do with the sharing of critical knowledge. That will lead to socialization (and possibly even collaboration?). Yeah, that works for me, how about you? Let’s try it with this knowledge sharing: Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Donut Day!

Do you feel okay about my having shared that knowledge with you?

National Donut Day is celebrated on every first Friday in June, and this one is kind of sneaking in there on the early side this year. The first National Donut Day was established by the Chicago Salvation Army in 1938 as part of an effort to raise funds for those suffering through the Great Depression, and to honor Salvation Army folks who’d served in some way during World War I.

So, what do you do with this knowledge that I have shared? Well, if you’re schmart you’ll head in to your nearest Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow to get your FREE donut. And life just doesn’t get any better than starting out a Friday morning with a donut.

Dr. Dan's Daily Dose:
Knowledge sharing is g-o-o-d! Especially when it leads to donuts! Yum!
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