Opportunity-Driven Networking to Increase Collaboration

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Dr. Dan Kirsch‘s insight:

I think that this is a rather interesting concept conveyed quite simply — that Social Networks increase Opportunity-Driven collaboration through informal networks.

I believe though that within the innovation driven organization that the “sweet spot” however may actually be where the overlapping occurs between Communities of Practice (CoP) and Social Networks.

My basis for that thought is that we know that new knowledge fuels innovation.  And we’ve learned through many years of studying the impact that increasing the degree and depth of networking has upon knowledge capture, knowledge transfer and those relationships to developing new knowledge (e.g., Nonaka’s SECI model).  I think then that by increasing the network connectivity to the CoPs as well as the  networking within the CoPs and the organization itself, that you will see exponential increased exposure to new knowledge that can be applied to not only solving existing problems but to make those disruptive leaps.  

An example of this application could be to consider pursuit of Best Practice where unless your organization is asleep at the wheel, you should already be aware of an applicable industry-wide best practice.  So the real gain can be found by seeking those Best Practices that come from outside of your industry — that is the “diversity of ideas” meets the need to “solve problems.”

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