You know it’s bad when Jim Cantore is in your town….

Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel

So says a wall post on Jim Cantore’s Facebook page.  Makes sense to me as I can recall him showing up here in Virginia Beach a few times when we’ve had hurricane warnings and such.  Nothing like having your town show up on a Weather Channel featured story to let you know that you’re really having fun.

And so what does Jim Cantore have to do with KM you ask?  Good question!  Actually it’s all about what Jim Cantore has learned about people and severe weather and how that applies to knowledge management.

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Knowledge Management and Tornadoes

A tornado near Anadarko, Oklahoma.

I’ll say it again: Knowledge Management is about people and their knowledge, and not about software or other IT.

A topical example of how important the knowledge that is held by people really is can be seen in the investigations now starting in the aftermath of the recent outbreak of killer tornadoes that ravaged Alabama and other states.

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